Monday, October 22, 2012

Publishing: Online or Print?

So now you're ready to publish.  Which venue should you choose:  online or print?  It would be interesting to research and see how many print journals are still in operation vs. online.  It seems like online is becoming the new "norm."  One established poet recently said the e-books are the new norm for publishing.  Any comments?


  1. I've been told ebooks are the future for over a decade now and still, there is print. I say publish in whatever you're comfortable with or whatever works for your content and whatever you think your readers will want to purchase.

    I think in the future the format of everything will be an ebook and the reader will be able to print a bound copy if he/she wants to...that's happening now with limited machines across the country. Unless, of course there's technology we're not even aware of yet(and I'm sure there is.)

  2. I agree, Pam, that you should publish in whatever format you are comfortable with. It does seem like e-publishing is the wave of the future, but it's nice to know you can still order a book. I like both, actually. I read many poems online that come to my e-mail, but I also order many, many books from the local library.