Monday, March 10, 2014

Help Raise Funds for a Local Charity and Support Poetry for National Poetry Month!!

This April 2014 I will be conducting a fundraising drive for a local food bank, Family Outreach Program, which provides hundreds of pounds of food to those in need in the Chicago area.  To support this aim, I will be writing every day for the month of April.  You can sponsor me for any of the following amounts:

**For $10, you can sponsor me generally.
**For $20, you can give me a word and I will write a poem with that word in it.
**For $30, you can give me a theme and I will write a poem about that theme.
**For $50, you can give me a word and a theme, and I will write a poem with both.  I will also give you a signed chapbook of one of my two books!
**For $75, you can give me a word or theme and I will write a short story.  You will also receive a chapbook.

My pledge to you is that I will write every day.  I will write either a poem, essay or short story each day.  I will send to you some of the items.  The writing is a rough draft only, and if you want a final draft of any of it, you can let me know.  My only disclaimer is that all of the rights to the writing revert back to me after the fundraiser, so that I could possibly publish some of it.

So, do you want to pledge?  Sign up below through Paypal below or e-mail me at twinkscat(at) and I will send you my address so you can send me a check.  To find out more information about Family Outreach Program, visit their website at :

Let's help those in need and support the Arts at the same time!!


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