Saturday, July 4, 2015

Thanks to all my sponsors, I raised $600 in my fundraiser. All of the money went to the MSA Coalition, which supports research towards a cure for this horrible disease that my father suffers from--Multiple System Atrophy. I sent the checks off last week. If you would like to research information about this organization, and what it does, visit their website at:


  1. Caroline, hi. I would recommend that you set up this blog on - which is owned by Google. You same login will work for it, free tool. Specifically go through the publicize and optimize tabs. This will help you gain traffic when you post. Hope you're well - I miss you and the rest of my poetry friends in Chicago. (But not the weather. LOL)

  2. Very quiet around here...

    Take a look at my blog *Spell Book* sometime:

    By the time I'm done, most of my poems will be preserved there - and I subscribed to it via e-mail, so I get e-mailed each one to multiple e-mail addresses I own. Kind of a poetry preservation system.